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Workers’ Compensation

Work-Related Accident

Even the most cautious workers can sometimes experience an accident at work. While jobs requiring physical labor can increase an employee’s risk of accident, employees who work in a traditional office setting can also fall victim. Warehouse workers may be hit with falling objects, become injured while driving a forklift, or pull a muscle when lifting inventory. An account manager could get hurt operating office equipment. A restaurant employee might get burned in the kitchen or cut with a culinary knife. Any accident that results from your job is an accident that deserves a speedy recovery.

Accidents can happen when:

  •  Hit with falling objects
  •  Operating heavy machinery
  •  Lifting inventory
  •  Using office equipment
  •  Being burned
  •  Becoming cut
  •  Driving for work
  •  Attacked/shot
  •  Other on-the-job injuries
Work-Related Repetition Disability

If an injury is from repetition, it can result in lasting negative physical effects. The nature of an employee’s job, especially where repetitive motion is involved, can cause disability. A job where typing or writing is a major part of the description, like an administrative assistant, may lead to such disabilities as carpal tunnel syndrome. Workers who sit for long hours at a time could develop permanent back issues. Knee and other joint ailments often plague stock clerks, who are constantly picking up heavy boxes. The damaging effects of these types of disabilities happen to you over time, and you often need assistance for a long time to come.

Repetition disabilities can occur from:

  •   Constant typing
  •   Sitting for long periods
  •   Regularly picking up objects
  •   Other repetitive motions
Work-Related Disease/Illness

Accidents and repetition are not the only way an employee is effected by the work they do. Some workers experience diseases that are related to their job. Spray-foam installers of two-part can get lung and brain damage. Manufacturing workers can be exposed to harmful chemicals or substances. Factory employees might have interrupted sleep patterns or certain vitamin deficiencies from consistently working the night shift. Illnesses can be costly for you to treat, which is why getting the help you need is important.

Illnesses can be:

  • Respiratory diseases
  • Skin diseases
  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Mental and behavioral disorders (e.g., PTSD)
  • Occupational cancer
  • Diseases from chemical agents (e.g., benzene, mercury, Sulphur oxide)
  • Diseases caused by physical agents (e.g., from noise, optical radiation, vibration)
  • Other diseases

So, if you’ve experienced a work-related:

  • Accident
  • Repetition disability
  • Disease/illness

The Reavis Law Firm is ready to help you. You are our top priority.